5 Questions to Lisa Morin Di Maggio: Delegates Manager for SPRIMUN 2017

Dear Lisa, you are responsible for the Delegates of the 5th edition of SPRIMUN. We would like to know more about you and your role in this event.

What is your best MUN memory?

Good question! It was probably during SPRIMUN 2015, I was representing the United Kingdom. The chairs were very good friends of mine so, at the end of a session, after a fruitful and intense debate, another delegate and I decided to send them anonymous notes with some weird/funny MUN pick-up lines. I remember seeing one of them opening the notes, trying very hard not to laugh and showing it to the other chair who had trouble holding it in as well. No one understood what was happening, it was hilarious.obama-lol

What is your role as Delegates Manager of the SPRIMUN organization team?

My role as Delegates Manager consists of many various things: I am basically in charge of the relations between the SPRIMUN staff and the delegates, I am taking care of the registrations of the delegations and individual delegates (visa procedures, hotels, which countries they are to represent, which committee there are in etc). I will be making sure all the delegates are at ease and ready to debate fruitfully. I am working a lot with all the other SPRIMUN staff members since everything has to be coordinated.4493728

Why should we all take part in SPRIMUN 2017?

You should take part in SPRIMUN 2017 because I guarantee you that we are a wonderful team of 9 people determined to make of the 5th edition an amazing one. You have the opportunity to learn a lot in terms of international relations and gain knowledge and experience, you will get to speak in front of an audience in a foreign language, meet a lot of people coming from many various places around the world while having a lot of fun! Why would you say no to such a thing?xi8j0ce

What are your strengths and weaknesses in a MUN?

In a MUN, I am a very sociable person, I really love meeting people, debating, and partying with them. Besides, if I have an objective, I won’t give up on it, just like I will stick to the position of my country no matter how hard it can be to defend. However, it hasn’t always been easy to be representing a country from the minority group during some debates. Given the fact that you don’t have a lot of allies, you’re kind of the « outsider ». Being able to make yourself heard and taken into account was a bit tough, especially among the dominating delegations, but that was an amazing challenge as well! I got to strengthen the relations my country had with others, so that at the end, we were a team, a small one, but a real one!raw

What is your leitmotiv in life?

A very close friend of mine used to say, « it will all be alright at the end darling, if it’s not alright, it’s not the end ». I know this quote wasn’t originally from him, but he always brought this up when needed. It is what has been guiding me ever since.alright

Many thanks for your answers and see you soon at the conference!

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