Explore The City

Explore the City

As a thriving European city, Rennes is a model of France’s complex architectural styles and cultural customs


Saint Anne’s Square (La Place Saint-Anne) is home to the Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle de Rennes Basilica, nestled amongst Middle Age-styled, half-timbered homes. Saint Anne’s Square is also known for its many restaurants (especially along Saint-Malo Street) and bars (mainly along Saint-Michel Street, the famed “Rue de la Soif” aka. “Street of Thirst”). Just a short walk down Le Bastard Street, one will encounter an assortment of clothing stores, along with City Hall (directly across from Rennes’ opera house). Close to the Opera, along de Brilhac Street is the Parliament of Brittany.

To the south is Republic Square, the hub of Rennes’ public transportation system (named STAR). Rennes has a relatively good public transportation system. The spine of this network is the underground train that connects with the central train station. Major bus lines travel with a high frequency during the day (with a wait time of between 4 and 9 minutes).

rue saint michelRennes’ Museum of Brittany is an interesting location where visitors can learn about the most important events and discover the cultural heritage of the Breton community. The Museum is located in the Champs Libres complex, next to the City of Rennes Regional Library which is a great place to study.

Finally, Rennes has a number of public parks that are great places to relax, namely the Gayeulles, the Thabor and Oberthur.

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