The Chairs


Just like in the UN, every MUN committee is headed by chair people. These committee chairs are students who regulate the flow of discussion and maintain order during sessions. Chairs are expected to have in-depth knowledge of the debate rules. Check below the chairs for SPRIMUN 2019’s four committees.



Jean-Baptiste d’Isidoro is a 25 years old French graduate from Sciences Po Rennes (2016). Passionate about international relations, he focused during its studies on defense and security issues, and their links with environmental and energy matters. He also holds a degree in geopolitics from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and the Ecole Normale Supérieure.

For the past two years, he has been working as a nuclear attaché at the French permanent mission to the United Nations and international organisations in Vienna, mainly dealing with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s activities related to safeguards, nuclear safety and security, and technical cooperation. He also has previous work experiences at the French Ministry of Defence, and at the foreign affairs commission of the National Assembly (French parliament). Throughout the different functions he held, he acquired a practical knowledge of multilateral negotiations.

He however first practiced UN negotiations as a Sciences Po Rennes student, participating in the simulations organised by the “BATNA” organisation, then in the 2012 SCOTMUN in Edinburgh, and in the very first edition of the SPRIMUN. Coming back to Rennes after year studying in the United States, he took part of the organisation of its 3rd edition in 2015, as a committee and personnel manager.

His best MUN memory is actually from that 3rd edition. While delegates were simulating the year 1956 and the management of the Suez Crisis, they came up with the idea of sending neutral, international armed forces to protect the canal while dealing with the resolution of the conflict. What the SPRIMUN delegates didn’t know, is that the UN Security Council, back in 1956, actually created the very first “blue helmets” (although named differently back at that time) for the very same crisis. This example, among others, showed first the creativity of the delegates, but also how real things can get if people get fully involved in the simulations!

Zacharie Le Vigoureux is a 22-year-old French student in European Affairs at Sciences Po Rennes. He is currently completing his master’s degree and should graduate at the end of this university year. Model UN has been an important part of his life as a student since he left high school: he participated in many conferences such as ScotMUN, PragueMUN and SpriMUN, as a delegate, a head delegate, a secretariat member and as a chair. Last year, he was in the organizing team for SPRIMUN 2018 as Committees and Chairs director. SPRIMUN 2019 will probably be his last MUN experience since he will leave university next year. He hopes that his last conference will be the most memorable one!


Emma Iddir is a 21 year-old French student in political science, this year in Germany. She is about to attend a master’s degree in “Communication policies”: hence, here professional future could lie in the fields of marketing, public relations or internal communication. She attended SPRIMUN and PragueMUN twice and will be Chair for the first time this year. Emma was the partnership manager of last year’s edition of SPRIMUN (2018). Even as a Chair, she can be really funny, just like the craziest delegate award she received three times!

Pauline Durand is a 22 year-old French student in Sciences Po Rennes, currently studying in a master’s degree in Multilevel Governance and International Relations. She chose to specialize in international relations after four years in Sciences Po, including one in Erasmus in Italy, and one semester in the United-Kingdom last year to study European international policies. She was the Secretary General of last year’s edition of SPRIMUN (2018) and took part in many previous editions. When she’s not completing a research paper in international relations, you can find her having walk in downtown Rennes or surfing the waves of Morbihan if the weather is fine!


Chairs UNEA

Korantin Delogé is a fifth-year student at Sciences Po Rennes, studying the international relations in the European and Global Affairs master’s degree. He attended multiple MUNs in Europe, from Milan to Prague. He is delighted to chair again one of SPRIMUN’s committees and looks forward to meeting the delegates and enjoying this 2019 conference.

Emma Le Boulicaut is a French student and is 19. She is currently in second year in Science Po Rennes. It is going to be her first official experience as a chair ! She went to PragMUN and SPRIMUN last year. As the president of the MUN society of her school (BATNA), she is used to chairing every simulation that the association organizes. Her best memory in a MUN was during the SPRIMUN last year, when she participated in a crisis in her committee. She found it fun, but also very interesting, since everyone was very implicated and all over the place to solve the crisis.


Elif Umut is a sixteen years old turkish MUN lover. She is an high school exchange student in France for one year, back in Istanbul, her hometown, she studies in a French highschool. She has been doing MUN since her middle school years. First she started by JMUN by a recommendation of her English teacher, and she loved it. So she continued by MUN in English and in French as well. She already has two chairing experiences and is extremely excited to add another one. She enjoys going to theatre and concerts as well as travelling, which is her passion. Studying in a mediacl university is her top one dream. Since her childhood, she wants to become a doctor. All of the conferences that she went to are special but her funniest memory was during her first JMUN. She was in a giant hall with all the participant, reading and voting the resolutions. She was making a speech on the scene, and after the voting procedure, she fell on the stairs and everyone was laughing. She hopes that it won’t happen again during SPRIMUN.

Katerina Ivanova comes from Macedonia, a small Balkan country. She is 17 years old and in her last year of high school. She has participated in SPRIMUN 2018, Macedonian Model United Nations 2018 and Macedonian Model European Parliament 2018. She is active in the NGO sector in her country and hopes to pursue a career in International relations. Something she remembers fondly from last years SPRIMUN is getting lost in Rennes with one of the remembers fondly from last years SPRIMUN is getting lost in Rennes with one of the delegates from her committee, thus being late for lunch and having to run back to the conference while eating.