The Chair





Benjamin is a 22-year-old Franco-British fifth year student at Sciences Po Rennes studying for a master’s degree in public administration. As part of last year’s secretariat, he knows the SPRIMUN inside out and is looking forward to chairing the Security Council. After five years of MUNing, he is curious to see how delegates will adapt to this year’s topics, which are sure to challenge their skills to the limit. He hopes to see you soon.


Currently a second-year student in French Law and Common law at the University of Nanterre, James started his experience when he was only 14. He has never stopped since, transmitting his passion for MUN wherever he goes. His hobbies range from Drinking and constantly declaring “I’m never drinking again”, to squash or music. After all, he is an English by heart, and can never be seen without a hint of that English flair. This will be his first participation in the SPRIMUN, as well as his first time as a chair of the Security Council. He is very excited to discover SPRIMUN 2018 and its committees and will hope to enjoy his time there as a chair.



Currently a second-year student in Sciences Po Rennes with a specialization in economics, Caroline expresses her interest in diplomacy though her involvement in the MUN association of the school. She was already a delegate in the SPRIMUN last year and is glad to be back, as a chair this time. Apart from MUNs, her hobbies include travels (she wants to go to Lapland) and cinema (her favorite movie is Interstellar).


Currently studying at the lycée Victor Helen Basch in the OIB international section, Prune Larralde has taken part in several MUNs, both local and international such as RilMUN, ReMUN, as a chair for the general assembly topic, last year‘s edition of SpriMUN in addition to PaMUN, in the political council. She also plans to study more in depth international relationships as well as geopolitical science in the future. Finally, she is thrilled at the idea to have great debates on the woman cause.



Jules is a Fourth-year student in Sciences Po Rennes. He participated in the SPRIMUN twice before, however this year he wanted to take another step further. Majoring in defense and security, he will co-chair the Disarmament and Security Committee at the 2018 SPRIMUN Edition. Hoping for a fun and productive MUN, he will guide the fellow MUNers through this year’s topics.


Hi, My name is Korantin and I’ll chair the 2018’s DISEC committee. I am a political science student in Sciences Po Rennes. I participated to various MUNs as delegate but the SPRIMUN will be my first chairing experience. I am looking forward for great debates and lot of fun. See you in March.


Currently in a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations and a recruiter for the Paris Stock Exchange, Erwann spent a year abroad in 2015 working in London and attending various MUNs. His interest for political and international studies inspired him to participate in the 2013 edition of the SPRIMUN. Since then, he has attended various MUNs, most of them as a chair in the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation or France. He was the Secretary General and chair of the UNSC for the 2017 edition of SPRIMUN. He hopes that the 2018 edition and its committees will be even better than the ones before