conseil regional

Committees for the fifth edition:

  • General Assembly: First Committee – DISEC – 30 to 45 delegates
    • Topic 1: Preventing cyberattacks and reinforcing global cybersecurity
    • Topic 2: Strengthening limitations on the use of lethal autonomous weapon systems
  • Security Council – 15 delegates
    • Topic 1: The Yemeni civil war
    • Topic 2: Tackling the threat of non-State military actors 
  • African Union – 20 to 30 delegates
    • Topic 1: Reforming and strengthening the African Stand-By force
    • Topic 2: Ensuring food security in the African Union
  • Conseil des Droits de l’Homme (French) – 20 à 30 délégués
    • Sujet 1: La protection des populations déplacées dans les zones de conflit
    • Sujet 2: La lutte contre les discriminations envers les femmes

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