Sciences Po Rennes


Founded in 1991 in Brittany’s capital, Sciences Po Rennes is one of France’s “Grandes Ecoles”, a group of higher education establishments of academic excellence. As an Institute of Political Studies, Sciences Po Rennes is renowned for the quality and the diversity of its courses in economics, politics, history, international relations and law aims to provide students with a wide range of skills of professional skills.

Sciences Po Rennes offers a five-year long program divided into a three-year long undergraduate and a two-year long graduate program that follow the guidelines of the Bologna process. As a part of their course, students must spend their third year abroad, either in one of the hundred-odd partner universities of Sciences Po Rennes, or by completing an internship in a foreign organisation or  political  institution.

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Student societies and associations are a cornerstone of life at Sciences Po and are constantly involved in the life of the school. One of them, BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement), is Sciences Po Rennes’ MUN society, providing students with UN materials and intensive training sessions prior to their participation in MUNs hosted around the world.


In 2012, a group of six students from Sciences Po Rennes – Anne, Myrthia, Maguelone, Claire, Caroline and Charlotte – organised an event called “BreizhMUN“. 60 French high school students and a few Sciences Po Rennes students were invited to discuss the issue of Water in Nigeria for a day. The event was a success but was not open to international students and did not respect the actual format of MUNs. However, the BreizhMUN did allow for a partnership to be born with the Rotary and the Regional Council of Brittany, and set the foundations for the SPRIMUN who’s first edition took place the following year.

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