The following are the conference fees for SPRIMUN 2018. In addition to these fees, each delegate will be responsible for his/her own travel and accommodation expenses.

SPRIMUN 2018 Chair Fees: 20€
SPRIMUN 2018 delegates fees : not available yet

You can pay by using Paypal (ONLY for DELEGATE fees):

Buy Now Button

For all other participants, please send a transfer to these bank details:

Best Alternative to a Negociated Agreement  BATNA – Compte SPRIMUN

IEP, 104 bd de la Duchesse Anne

35700 Rennes

RIB: 30004 03104 000101 80247 54

IBAN: FR76 3000 4031 0400 0101 8024 754


Please, don’t forget to specify your name!

The fees include

  • Registration for the 2017 SPRIMUN conference & ceremonies
  • Lunch & refreshments
  • Delegate’s handbook, with all the necessary documents & materials
  • Social events (parties, restaurant, etc.)


The SPRIMUN Board understands that unforseeable circumstances may prevent you from attending the conference next March. However, delegates must be aware that our refunds policy states that 50% of the delegate fees are non-refundable. The deadline to cancel your attendance of this conference and receive a refund is March 1st, after which time your fee unfortunately will not be refunded.

For any questions regarding refunds, please contact finance@sprimun.com

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