The following are the conference fees for SPRIMUN 2022. In addition to these fees, each delegate will be responsible for his/her own travel and accommodation expenses. Please do not make any payment before your application is successfully made.

SPRIMUN 2022 Chair Fees: 20€
SPRIMUN 2022 delegates fees : 60€
SPRIMUN 2022 delegates fees (high school Students): 25 €

Please send your application form from the delegate page. You will be then sent the bank receipt to proceed to the payment.

Please, don’t forget to specify your name!

The fees include

  • Registration for the 2022 SPRIMUN conference & ceremonies
  • Lunch & refreshments
  • Delegate’s handbook, with all the necessary documents & materials
  • Social events (parties, restaurant, etc.)


SPRIMUN Board understands that unforseeable circumstances may prevent you from attending the conference next March. However, delegates must be aware that our refunds policy states that 50% of the delegate fees are non-refundable. The deadline to cancel your attendance of this conference and receive a refund will be given to you when it is time to apply.

For any questions regarding refunds, please contact finance@sprimun.com

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