1st Edition

2012-2013 TEAM: Founders of the SPRIMUN

Secretary General and President of the General Assembly

Pauline Eluère

DSCF0037Before becoming the 2013 SPRIMUN Secretary General, Pauline spent a year abroad in the United States where she studied at the University of Montana and UC Berkeley. She discovered MUNs on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, by occupying the positions of Vice Chair of the General Assembly in the Montana Model United Nations (MMUN 2012), and of delegate in the National Model United Nations in New York (NMUN 2012) where she received an award. She is currently an intern with the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations and a student with the Graduate Institute of International Studies, in Geneva. Still in love with MUNs she is now involved in the Geneva International MUN that takes place in the Palace of Nations.

Under Secretary-General and Director of Logistics

Miguel Abolivier

DSCF0070Miguel spent a year-long internship in Brazil with the French Embassy in Brasilia. A Franco-Portuguese student, he participated in several MUNs; in Helsinki (FINMUN 2010), Istanbul (MUNIST 2010), Cambridge (CUIMUN 2010) and Harvard (HNMUN 2011). Fascinated by Brazil and Latin America, Miguel will be available for logistical information, in english, french, spanish and portuguese.

Director of Finance

Olivier Bloas

DSCF0056Olivier returned from a year in South Africa where he was working within the French Embassy in Pretoria. Interested in the African continent and its current affairs, he participated in MUNs in Istanbul (MUNIST 2010), Cambridge (CUIMUN 2010) and Harvard (HMUN 2011). Currently enrolled in a public finances course, Olivier will be responsible for managing the treasury throughout the organization of the SPRIMUN.

Director of Communication

Jolan Remcsak

DSC_0011Jolan spent a year in Colorado, where he attended classes at the University of Denver and had an internship with the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce. A debate enthusiast, he participated in the Harvard MUN (HNMUN 2011) and the inter-SciencePo eloquence competition organized by Aix in 2011. As a brilliant orator with a long-lasting interest in media, Jolan was Mister Communication for public relations. He would like to get in the National School of Administration.

Chair of the Security Council

Maxime Delattre


Maxime had an 8 month internship with the Scottish Parliament before observing several international debates during a second internship at the European Parliament. His interest in diplomatic issues and his abilities as a debate moderator, along with a fluency in English, helped him to ensure the debates of the Security Council progressed smoothly till the writing of a striking resolution on which the delegates unanimously agreed. Following the first edition of the SPRIMUN Conference, Maxime completed an internship at the General Secretariat for European Affairs within the French Government. He now studies European Affairs in Paris.

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