Chair Application

Chair application for SPRIMUN 2022 ARE NOW CLOSED!

Just like in the UN, every MUN committee is headed by chair people. These committee chairs are students who regulate the flow of discussion and maintain order during sessions. Chairs are expected to have in-depth knowledge of the debate rules. Should you be interested in chairing one of SPRIMUN 2022 committees, please look at the following procedure.

1) Check the information on the website

We strongly advise chairs who may be interested in applying for SPRIMUN 2022 to check all information regarding committees, the date of the conference, as well as the transportation pages.

If you have any issues regarding the application procedure, please contact us at

2) Complete the form

We shall quickly send you an email to confirm that your application has been received and is under consideration. You will be contacted later on about a Skype interview to evaluate your ability and motivation.

3) Payment

Once your application has been approved by the Secretariat, you will have to pay the registration fee of 20€. Details about the study guide and the conference will be provided.

4) Validation of your application

Soon after we have received your payment on our account you will be notified by a second confirmation email.

In case you need a visa to enter France, we are happy to provide you with an invitation letter, but we can only do so upon receiving your chairing fee. Please mention that you require a visa on your application.

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