SPRIMUN is a broad project involving numerous and diverse partners. In addition to our University partnership, SPRIMUN includes sponsorships from other local public institutions, such as the Regional Council of Brittany. Moreover, well-known non-profit organisations are sponsoring our upcoming event, including the Rotary Club’s local chapter.

As our event moves forward, we welcome the involvement of all prospective sponsors and invite them to contact us should they wish to develop a partnership.

Please email us at:

Institutional Partners



Founded in 1991 in Brittany’s capital, Sciences Po Rennes is one of France’s “Grandes Ecoles”, a group of higher education establishments of academic excellence. As an Institute of Political Studies, Sciences Po Rennes is renowned for the quality and the diversity of its courses in economics, politics, history, international relations and law aims to provide students with a wide range of skills of professional skills.



Located in Western France, the region of Brittany (Bretagne in French) is a dynamic region, well known for its rich history and strong identity. The Regional Council of Brittany, Région Bretagne, have help us greatly and it is thanks to their support that we will be able to debate in the first-class Hôtel de Courcy.



Rotary International is an international service organisation whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. The Rotary helps us to provide many important materials for the conference.



Rennes is a vibrant metropole keen to support its largely young and student population. The city generously offers SPRIMUN access to the beautiful City Hall for the opening ceremony, as well as organises a welcome cocktail for delegates.


Private Partners


MUN & Associative Partners

Student societies and associations are a cornerstone of life at Sciences Po and are constantly involved in the life of the school. One of them, BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement), is Sciences Po Rennes’ MUN society, providing students with UN materials and intensive training sessions prior to their participation in MUNs hosted around the world.

Founded 2015, Sciences Po Rennes TV is one of Sciences Po Rennes’ numerous students societies. SPRTV is a video information media, documenting Sciences Po Rennes’ events and regularly publishing interviews of prestigious guests. We are delighted to announce that SPRTV team will be present and documenting the sessions during the 7th edition of SPRIMUN!

First held in 2012 and hosted at the University of Economics of Prague, PragueMUN is the very first MUN convention that has been organised in Czech Republic. This mid-sized conference is will fit newbies as well al already multi-awarded delegates! SPRIMUN is delighted of this partnership since Sciences Po Rennes has been sending delegations at PragueMUN for several years!

Rennes Inter-Lycées Model United Nations is a MUN organised by and for students of several high schools from the city of Rennes, with a strong pedagogic purpose. Since SPRIMUN welcomes every year high school students as delegates, it is a great pleasure to be RILMUN’s partner ! Plus, we are delighted to support such an initiative that will allow Rennes’ high school students to become outstanding delegates and furthermore promotes international diplomacy and the UN values!


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