Social Events

Social events

Tuesday, March 28th

Le Grand Sommeil

Icebreaking experience in Le Grand Sommeil after the opening ceremony! It will be an opportunity to meet other delegates, your chairs and the staff before it all begins…

Dress code : casual.

Wednesday, March 29th

Crêperie l’Épi de Blé

Brittany is full of diverse traditions: one of them is the sharing of a “crêpe” (exactly, those really really thin pancakes) along with some cider, where everyone can talk about the committee (not encouraged) but mainly enjoy themselves around a typical Britton dinner !

Dress code : casual

L’Été Indien

After a well-deserved crêpe, you will enjoy an introduction to the typical Rennes nigthlife with “L’Eté Indien”, a well-known pub with nice innovations in their drinks !

Dress code : casual


Thursday, March 30th

Wine tasting – In Vino Veritas
Sciences Po Rennes

After a hard day of negotiations in the committees, we invite you to the most French event: a wine tasting.

Dress code : casual

Aux plaisirs démodés


Dress code : casual

Friday, March 31st

Le Gatsby Club



Dress code : black tie

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