Where to stay ?


For the delegates wishing an accommodation in a youth hostel, the SPRIMUN Secretariat recommends the Rennes Youth Hostel. Requests for accommodation are directly available via the hostel website. Located next to the canal St. Martin, roughly a 5-minute walk from the nearest subway station and a 10-15 minute walk from the conference venues, we are confident that this purpose-built hostel will provide delegates with comfortable services for the duration of their stay in Rennes.

Delegates may also have the opportunity to be hosted, for free, by students of our school upon request. If you make that choice, please make sure you filled the appropriate question on the application form. If you choose to be hosted by a local student, keep in mind that such places will be limited. A “first come, first serve” system will be applied. If you require a visa, this option will not be available as a letter from a hotel will be required by the French embassy.

Other Accommodation Options

Rennes has a wealth of hotels, guest houses, and hostels. If you would prefer to find other accommodations, the website of the city of Rennes provides a map and links to many forms of accommodation.

Any questions at this point?

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