5 Questions to Marion Charles, Responsible for Communication at SPRIMUN 2017


Dear Marion, you are responsible for the Communication of the 5th edition of SPRIMUN. We would like to know more about you and your role in this event.

What is your best MUN memory?

Well, there is a lot to say! I like when the debates take a surprising turn. It is also very valuable when experts on specific international issues share their knowledge at the opening ceremony. I would add that this year’s SPRIMUN will allow its delegates to discover the Breton culture through music and dance. It will be a great moment, for sure.


Why have you decided to join the SPRIMUN organization team?

After having experienced several simulations of the United Nations conferences, I wanted to discover how such an event can be organized and how I can contribute to it. I am learning a lot, as our meetings are enriching, and I am lucky because the organization team is really great!


What are SPRIMUN’s main values?

In addition to the intellectual interest and the formal aspect of the event, it is dear to our hearts that the SPRIMUN be an opportunity to exchange and share good moments with young people of different nationalities. This year, we will be welcoming delegates from Italy, Ghana, the Czech Republic, Australia, Georgia, Germany and many more countries!


What would you say to students wishing to take part in their first MUN?

Do not hesitate! Honestly, participating in a Model United Nations is a real source of enrichment on various aspects. Deepening one’s understanding of international issues, discovering the inner workings of the United Nations, getting an experience of international negotiation and even learning to speak in public and overcome one’s natural timidity. All this in English.


According to you, does life have a meaning?

I would say that yes. We all give the sense we choose to our lives…


Many thanks for your answers and see you soon at the conference!


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