5 Questions to Doriane Jacq, Partnerships Manager at SPRIMUN 2017


Dear Doriane, you are responsible for the Partnerships of the 5th edition of SPRIMUN. We would like to know more about you and your role in this event.

What do you enjoy the most in a MUN?

For me, the best part of the MUN experience is obviously traveling to a new country or city, and getting to meet interesting and passionate people from around the World. Also, having a rather shy personality, I enjoy the thrill of challenging myself to stand up and defend my country’s positions in front of a scary (at first) dozen of other delegates!



Why have you decided to join the SPRIMUN organization team?

I discovered the concept of MUNs here at Sciences Po Rennes. I participated in 2015 in the ScotMUN of Edinburgh and of course in the SPRIMUN, and I really loved both experiences. Being a member of the organization team for the 5th Edition was the perfect and logical opportunity for me to pursue my interest in diplomatic negotiations. Managing the conference partnerships is a great way for me to be a part of the team, while trying to add a little added-value to this new edition by strengthening ties with all of our partners!


Why is SPRIMUN 2017 a must-attend event?

SPRIMUN allows everyone, beginners or confirmed « Muners » to enjoy a high-quality conference and to discuss a variety of complex international issues. At the same time, every delegate get to be immersed in the beautiful city of Rennes through fun socials each day, and enjoy a glimpse of what the culture of Brittany has to offer. I believe that this conference prides itself upon its accessibility!


What are you passionate about in life?

My true passions in life are the arts! I’ve always loved to experience all kinds of cultures and art forms, and have dabbled in it myself… While not taking anything too seriously!

dodo art.gif

What does make you unhappy?

About MUNs, it would have to be when someone chooses not to speak, especially during a friendly conference like the SPRIMUN! 🙂

dodo parle pas.gif

Many thanks for your answers and see you soon at the conference!



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