5 Questions to Victor Pourquié-Giuseppone: Responsible for Communication at SPRIMUN 2017

Dear Victor, you are responsible for the Communication of the 5th edition of SPRIMUN. We would like to know more about you and your role in this event.

→ What are your expectations when you take part in a MUN?

I am always looking forward to a great debate. To my mind, the most important thing in a MUN is the diversity of profiles and nationalities in the delegates in order to have the most comprehensive approach of the topics. I expect to return home having learned things about the hot-button issues of international relations as well as elements from other cultures and maybe some basic foreign words.


→ Why have you decided to join the SPRIMUN organization team?

The SPRIMUN and I go a long way. I started university in September 2012 and participated at the first SPRIMUN edition in 2013, it was my first MUN. I loved it so I decided to join again for my first chairing experience in 2015 and I also had a great time. As it may be my last year in this institution I decided for my final turn that I would make this edition the best Rennes has ever seen.

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→ How would you characterize SPRIMUN 2017?

SPRIMUN 2017 is a binding and demanding project, especially because we want this year’s edition to be the best and the most opened Sciences Po Rennes has ever organized. We already have a lot of different nationalities and profiles in the delegates and we hope that dedicated students from all around the world would continue to come to this amazing city to debate with us.

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→ What is the craziest thing you saw in a MUN?

In February 2014 I participated to the ScotMUN in Edinburg, and somehow after the socials I lost my way to the hostel and got to a place called the Café Voltaire, where I met this guy named Ed, with whom I rode in a bicycle-cab to the casino to find him arguing with his former rugby trainer he didn’t see in 10 years. So here I stood, drunk, in a suit, in the middle of the slots, trying to patch things up between the two crying and finally hugging, when a friend of the trainer, kind of a muscle mountain, just looked at me and said: “You talk too much: now I give you ten seconds to shut the hell up and get out of here”. And believe me, I did.

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→ According to you, does life have a sense?

I tend more and more to think that the aim of life is to acquire abilities from matters you are not supposed to handle, whatever that means.

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Many thanks for your answers and see you soon at the conference!


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