General Assembly – Day 3

General Assembly –  Day 3


The last day opened with the delegation of Australia ready to present his draft resolution. Canada quickly proposed an amendment that addressed issues on gender equality, extreme poverty, and protection of refugees. There was also another amendment proposed by the delegation of Chad. This amendment stressed the importance of food security. After this amendment, the chair advised delegates to close the debate to continue on to voting procedure. But of course, delegates needed to present more amendments. Saudi Arabia proposed an amendment to replaced anti-discrimination with enforcement of basic rights. But unfortunately that amendment failed. After that the chair advised once more to close debate, delegates complied. Delegates then voted on the draft resolution, and it passed!

Finally, delegates were able to move on to the second topic of the conference: Promoting Peace and Security Cooperation in Central Africa. The Republic of Central Africa was the first to open in the general speaker’s list. The main request of the delegate who represented the Republic of Central Africa was to get help and aid from the international community. Many delegates expressed that the root of the problem was with rebel and terrorist groups in Central Africa. The delegation of France explained that efforts had already been taken to fix the problem by sending troops. But there were many countries that did not respond well to military action. The delegation of Cameroon saw it fit to make short and long-term solutions that would help the root of the problem. Malaysia was in agreement only if the short-term solutions could be translated into long-term ones. Therefore, delegates voted on a moderated caucus to discuss the protection of civilians. Countries like the United Kingdom and Paraguay not like the idea of military involvement because it would hurt local citizens. Australia also saw it fit to bring up that majority of the civilians are refugees. Malaysia wanted to make sure that the international community as a whole (The United Nations) chipped in to the cause of defeating groups such as Boko-Haram and Séléka in Central Africa (Boko-Haram and Séléka are two major terrorist groups in Central Africa). To come up with solutions delegates voted on an un-moderated caucus.

DSC_3027From that un-moderated caucus, the delegate from Bolivia was able to present the first working paper on this topic. This working paper focused on the protection of terrorism through finances. But many countries were concerned that the finances would end up in the wrong hands. Which was a major concern from the delegation of Central Africa because civilians would remain unprotected. Also, in the past, the root of the problem was wrongful funding and most of that money came from western countries. So delegates voted on another un-moderated caucus.

DSC_3378From the second un-moderated caucus another working paper was introduced. This working paper included financing for civilians, improved living spaces for refugees, the use of DISEC to help with military if need be. This working paper also inspired a resolution. The first draft resolution was presented by Australia. But delegates quickly dismissed it. Subsequently, Canada presented a working paper. This working paper with help from Malaysia, would add “actors” in the area such as the African Union. The internationally community would contribute food, water, and aid for education. The working paper also said that if terrorism became too extreme, the United Nations’ Security Council would intervene. There would also be shared intelligence from country to country. In my opinion, this seemed like a perfect working paper, but giving the time restraints, delegates were not able to create a second resolution.

All and all, the countries that represented the General Assembly at SPRIMUN 2015 worked very hard to come up with precise solutions to solve worldwide problems. By observing, I can report to you that the students who represented SPRIMUN 2015 will be the leaders of tomorrow. #SPRIMUN2015

Corinth Jackson

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