General Assembly – Day 1

General Assembly – Day 1

DSC_0867Day 1 at SPRIMUN ended with big thumbs up for delegates. When the floor was opened to delegations, representatives quickly rose to the plate to stand for what their countries believed in. Delegates continued on to debate the topic of “Setting Up the Post-2015 Development Agenda”. Within that topic delegates spoke on pressing issues. The delegation of the Netherlands began with environment issues. The delegations of Canada and Thailand brought up issues of poverty.

sprimun_amyBut the delegation of the United Kingdom touched on both issues of sustainable growth and gender equality. Throughout the conference, the delegate of the United Kingdom was very vocal about the oppression of women in the world. The representative of the United Kingdom was so vocal; I was interested in her journey to SPRIMUN. Her name is Amy Longland and she is actually from the United Kingdom. But at the moment she is a student at Sciences Po Toulouse. The reason why her voice is so strong is because she’s majoring in international relations. She’s really enjoying the city of Rennes and is very excited to learn more about how the general assembly works. Given how day 1 ended, delegates seemed pretty excited to start day 2.

Corinth Jackson

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